WTools3D Architron v2022 001 for Cinema 4D R21 R26

WTools3D Architron v2022.001 for Cinema 4D R21-R26

WTools3D Architron v2022.001 for Cinema 4D R21-R26.

Nurbs Curves system completed
The set of tools for NURBS curves is completed.
Minimized & comprehensive system
complete curve modeling pipeline: create, snap, select, edit, modify and analyze

Edit Nurbs – new tools
attribute panel reorganized into three levels(tabs) : select, clipboard and edit
Divide – new tool to divide geometry into equal parts
Minimize – new tool to minimize geometry, remove redundant points and knots
Refine – new tool to automatically add knots to the most curved parts
Offset – new tool to offset points and segments
Fillet – new tool to round corners with three methods : fillet, chamfer and blend

Edit Nurbs – mouse selection
new mouse selection types : Point, Rectangle and Lasso
customizable for left-right mouse button

Nurbs Object – Analyze
Show iso points
Show knots and knot values
Show inflex points
Show Open Curve Ends
Show Loop Disconnections – a critical option for finding floor plan errors

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