Learn Architecture Rendering In Photoshop Collage Style

Learn Architecture Rendering In Photoshop ( Collage Style )

Udemy – Learn Architecture Rendering In Photoshop ( Collage Style ).

Learn the foundational Photoshop skills to create effective architectural visual representations in the collage style

What you’ll learn
Photoshop from Scratch
Architecture Digital Collage
Examples of Great Digital Representations
Photoshop Shortcuts for Faster Workflow
Software: Photoshop
In this class you will learn Photoshop in a way which will make you able to quickly and effectively produce visualizations of your ideas to present to others, influencing their opinion and improving their perception of your concept. With these quick turn around visualizations, you can rapidly alter your concept, go back and present again. ( All music used is provided by bensound )


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Prerequisites

Lecture 2 Analyzing Existing Work

Lecture 3 Setting Up Your Board

Lecture 4 Photoshop Shortcuts for Effortless Workflow

Section 3: Learning Photoshop Collage Render with a Personal Project

Lecture 5 I. Adding Material Textures

Lecture 6 II. Adjustment Layers and Organization

Lecture 7 III. Bright Skies

Lecture 8 IV. Shadows and Creating Depth

Lecture 9 V. Furniture and Foliage

Lecture 10 VI. Adding People, Inhabiting Spaces

Section 4: Transition into Second Project

Lecture 11 Transition into Second Project

Lecture 12 Setup

Section 5: The Second Render Project ( Stormy Scene )

Lecture 13 I. Darken

Lecture 14 II. Dark Skies

Lecture 15 III. Highlights

Lecture 16 IV. The Rain

Section 6: Closing Video

Lecture 17 Closing Video

Beginners at Photoshop,Students,Architecture Students,Graphic Designers,Artists,Hobbyists

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