ArtStation 1000 Bird photos for Creature Artists by David Simon

If you’re designing dragons, drawing dinosaurs, or painting other weird and wonderful creatures, then this collection is for you! Over 1000 photos of birds curated especially for creature artists, focusing on details such as eyes, beaks, wings, feet, crests, casques, and more!


Dimensions/resolution vary considerably from 1k to 8k along the longest edge.
All subjects are living.
Most subjects are Australian.
Photos are grouped according to theme, and named according to species.
There are a few cases where I didn’t know the exact species, so I used the broader name (eg: “Duck”)
Some photos use focus stacking (multiple photos at different focal depths blended together to create a single image with more detail than otherwise possible). These photos have “stacked” in their filename.
This process can cause artifacts if the subject moved, so low-priority areas of these photos may look a little weird.
I’ve chosen crisp, high-quality photos where possible, but if a photo shows something unique or particularly useful I felt a bit of noise and/or blur would be acceptable.





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