SketchUP Advanced Architecture Plugins

SketchUP Advanced Architecture Plugins

Skillshare – SketchUP Advanced Architecture Plugins.

Hello, My name is Filip and I would like to invite you to one of a kind training called Sketchup Advanced Architecture.

In a previous part, you got all the necessary knowledge on how to use Sketchup. This time you are ready to learn about free and commercial plugins. I will show you in which situations and when to use them to get the best result. Together we will go through all plugins one by one to understand how they work and in which situation we need to run them to get the desired effect. A complete understanding how each of plugin works will guarantee the proper way to create complex shapes and build them correctly.

After completing this course, you will be able to design each building by yourself from beginning to end, starting from creating its concept to the final 3D modeling. If you publish any construction on your social media after finishing this course, remember to add the hashtag #SketchupAA. It will be easier for all of us to find your work. So let’s get started.

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