Domestika Realistic CGI Compositions Create a Sci Fi Scene by Timo Noack

Start by getting to know Timo, a 3D artist and art director from Frankfurt, Germany. He shares with you how his passion for photography and film led him to a career in CGI and digital art. Then hear about his influences and his sources of inspiration.

Since every great scene started with the idea, Timo encourages you to start with whatever idea comes to mind. From that idea, learn how to create a mind map to expand and build on it. Then create a mood board with cinematic references or concept art as inspiration. Get an overview of Cinema 4D, Octane, and Photoshop, and discover the functions of each software that will help you create your 3D scene.

Enter the production phase by sketching then modeling your idea directly in Cinema 4D. Learn how to build a composition by seeing how to arrange the previously modeled objects. Timo then takes you step by step to create realistic shaders in Octane. Give your scene a realistic feel by creating texture and adding detail. Jump back into Cinema 4D and learn how to add light to your scene to create atmospheric effects.

Next, start generating the final image by rendering the 3D scene in Octane. Dive into the post-processing stage in Photoshop, where you can adjust, extend, and finalize your scene. Wrap up the course by taking the final steps to format and export your scene.





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