Digital illustration of architectural projects

Digital illustration of architectural projects

Domestika – Digital illustration of architectural projects.

Learn to represent spaces in a semi-realistic way creating a bridge between the technical and the artistic
If you want to represent your architecture project with a certain artistic and creative level, the architect and illustrator Fernando Neyra is the one to share with you his technique sought after by clients such as Gehl Architects, Aeroméxico or Studio Precht to give a visual life to their projects. His main objective is to convince and communicate the final result of the work to the final client, leaving certain unknowns in the design to continue the creative process, and in this course he will teach you his work process step by step.

You will learn to generate an illustrated presentation of an architecture project, made up of two approaches: axonometric and pedestrian, which will make it possible to communicate an idea of ​​the architecture project with a style that is more artistic than hyperrealistic.

First you will meet Fernando, his professional career, what he mainly does today and why he does it. He will share with you illustrations of his most outstanding projects in recent years, as well as his main influences and sources of inspiration.

You will learn to give volume in 3D to the 2D architecture project that you have developed in AutoCAD. To do this, you will import the 2D plan to SktechUp and start modeling all the structural elements of the architectural object (house, building or other) of your project, including the furniture of the main spaces of your project.

You will configure textures of the materials to give character to the project, looking for them to have a certain degree of realism through illustration.

You’ll see how to make a basic setup for rendering: an axonometric view for V-Ray for SketchUp, and also a perspective view with Lumion, which will help you lay out a scene faster and more efficiently. In addition, you will learn to edit the illustration by both views or approaches.

Fernando will explain how to use all the channels and image formats that you will obtain from the base render, to pass it to Adobe Photoshop. You will apply some tricks and filters to unify the entire composition into one solid piece.

Once you have your finished piece, you will learn to prepare your content to share your architecture projects with digital illustration on Instagram.

What is the course project?
You will make an illustrated presentation of an architecture project, composed of a perspective image, and an axonometric projection of the object in question.

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