Unreal Engine Sci Fi Observation Station Kit

Unreal Engine – Sci Fi Observation Station Kit

Unreal Engine – Sci Fi Observation Station Kit

Easily create an atmospheric SciFi environment for your project with this highly customizable SciFi environment kit, including a ready made Observation Station demonstration map complete with atmospheric sound, Foley and interactive Blueprints.

The pack is modular and each asset has parameters to customize colors, metallic and roughness variations, height/normal power and more depending on the asset. A fully functioning set of blueprints have been included such as preset lights with customizable colors, brightness, flickering (and flickering intensity), fake indirect bounce (for dynamic only lighting) etc. plus customizable sliding doors, shutters and vents. Drag and drop material instance variations are included for ease of use, with exposed parameters for more controlled customization.

Technical Details

Features:Modular SciFi assets with customizable parametersDrag and drop material variations.Ready made Blueprints for sliding doors, lights etc.Extremely easy to use.Bonus atmospheric sound effects.Includes a fully complete environment including an observation deck, recreation area and maintenance tunnels.Bonus content includes sound effects, a cinematic colour LUT and

Asset Details:

  • Current Version: N/A
  • More Info: https://unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/scifi-observation-station-kit

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