The Best Blender Course For Absolute Complete Beginners Ground UP

The Best Blender Course For Absolute Complete Beginners (Ground UP)

Skillshare – The Best Blender Course For Absolute Complete Beginners (Ground UP).

…So you want to learn Blender, but 3d can be hard.. No, 3d IS complex!

But this course makes it simple.

You will learn the basics in a casual and fun environment.

Who this course is for:

Absolute beginners to the world of 3D
Everyone who wants to learn the basics of Blender
2D artists that want to add 3D to their work
Anyone who has tried blender before but felt like they failed (You didn’t)
Anyone who felt lost when trying to learn Blender in the past
Everyone who wants to learn enough to finally get started modeling
Anyone who has gotten confused by the technical jargon in 3D
Anyone who enjoys a step by step accessible approach to learning

In this course, you will:

Learn modeling basics step by step

Learn some basic sculpting techniques

Understand Blender and its Interface

How to work in Object and Edit mode

Learn a few essential addons

Get the basics down so you can move on to other courses

While attempting to complete the project you will improve these core skills

Eliminate the frustration that often comes with trying to learn 3D
Have a Basic working understanding of Blender
Be comfortable with modeling in Blender
Have a better understanding of 3D in General
Have the confidence to finally start modeling and sculpting in Blending

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