Adobe Dimension 3D modeling software introduce ideas

Adobe Dimension 3D modeling software introduce ideas

Udemy – Adobe Dimension 3D modeling software introduce ideas.

Adobe Dimension the complete course create 3D rendering introduce your designs in 3D

What you’ll learn
Start with Adobe Dimension
Create document
Export work
Navigate on 3D space
Use camera
Change views
Work with object properties
Master selections
Move objects
Use gizmo
Add shapes
Add models
Manage alignments
Manage distribution
Add materials
Import materials
Edit environment
Add lights
Edit scene
Apply graphic on object
Create objects
Create brand presentation

You need to have Adobe Dimension

Adobe Dimension

Adobe Dimension is a 3D graphics tool that helps bring your ideas to life. It is obviously a 3D modeling software, but above all, a software that allows you to make 3D presentations in different forms. Many ergonomic tools are available to optimize creations. Presentations have never been more realistic than in Adobe Dimension. With Dimension, you can quickly add dimensional 3D objects, apply materials, edit the environment, or even add lights. This software is perfect for both beginners and professionals. It is also a complementary tool to software from the Adobe suite such as Photoshop or Illustrator, because it allows you to highlight a design such as a logo, an illustration, or even a photo, in a 3D presentation.

Why to use Adobe Dimension

– To make 3D modeling

– To create 3D objects

– To make different types of 3D presentation

– To improve the value of a design such as a logo, illustration, photo and more

– To make brand presentations

– To bring all ideas to life

Training course

In this training you will learn the entire Adobe Dimension software from scratch. This course is suitable both for people who have never used software from the Adobe suite, and people who have already worked with software from the Adobe suite. Step by step you will see how to start in a 3D space and master 3D modeling perfectly. You will be able to manage the addition of objects, master the different parameters, add materials, edit objects. You will also see how to import models from another software to use them in your creations. You will learn how to use 2D realizations to present them on 3D models. Many training sessions will be present at the end of the training, to apply all the elements of the course.

Who this course is for
People who want to work with 3D modeling
People who want to create 3D rendering
People who want to introduce their work in 3D
People who want a complete tool to Photoshop and Illustrator to introduce brand

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