The Gnomon Workshop Gesture Drawing Fundamentals with April Connors

Gesture Drawing Fundamentals: Essential Techniques For Sketching Figures With April Connors

Building figures with gesture and rhythm allows us to more effectively tell stories in visual mediums — a critical tool for artists working in the entertainment industry. This 4.5-hour workshop by April Connors covers the key fundamentals for sketching dynamic figures using techniques that work for life drawing and figure invention, whether you’re working digitally or with traditional media.

While demonstrations are completed in Clip Studio Paint, any drawing or painting software can be used to follow along. For those working traditionally, any drawing media and paper will work for the techniques demonstrated.

Included with this workshop is an exclusive photo pack of action poses to help you follow along and refer to for your future projects.

This workshop is recommended for artists that are already familiar with figure drawing, as well as for those who generally have a good sense of building a human figure.
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