UV Tools 3 2k for 3ds Max Win

UV Tools 3.2k for 3ds Max Win

HQ Details – UV Tools 3.2k for 3ds Max.

Easy to use Unwrap tools for Archviz, Gamedev and more.

Move and Rotate texture in 3dsMax viewport.

Align U or V axis to edge end or center.

Super Stitcher
Stitch multiple elements simultaneously.

Move, Scale, Rotate UV by values.

Orient UV elements horizontally or vertically.

Pick scale
Get UV scale from another polygon.

Scale in units
Rescale UV to any units value or to Real-world mapping.

Random UV Flip, Rotate, Offset, Scale.

Use preinstalled checker textures or add your own.
Real-world mapping supported.
Original materials can be restored even after 3dsMax crash.

Relax polygons in viewport.

Equalize texel density to min, max or average.

Show bitmaps
Show bitmaps on selected objects or selected polygons.

UV Morpher
Create flat object from mapping.
Can be used for Skin Wrap retopology and other techniques.

Transfer selection between Unwrap and Poly.

Hide elements
Hide selected polygons to get access to occluded areas.

UV operations
Many useful UV operations.
Learn more in Help section.

Customize GUI
You can choose favorite rollouts for Main Tab and change their order.
Light and Dark themes with auto detection.

Assign any UV Tools action to hotkey or toolbar button.
Combine actions to create complex one-click mapping operations.
Every action has documented arguments for advanced users

What’s New:[3.2k] – 2022.01
– New. Multi-Tile (UDIM) tools.
– New. Auto dialog height option can be disabled to resize dialog manually.
– New. Relax whole elements is now optional (Ctrl+Click).
– New. Relax Until Flat (Shift+Click).
– New. Planar Mapping “Ignore object scale” option.
– New. Fix W for area calculation can be disabled in Settings – Mapping.
– New. Taking object scale into account for area calculations. Can be disabled in Settings – Mapping.
– New. Hold Esc while pressing UVt button on the toolbar to reset UI position.
– Improved. Texel Density tools now uses average resolution for non-square bitmaps.
– Improved. Fit UV button functions rearranged.
– Improved. UV Tools can be installed on multiple 3dsMax versions in common userscripts folder.
– Improved. Hide tabs when all rollouts in the Main tab.
– Improved. Settings window now remembers last category.
– Fix. UV Morpher Cut error when using meters system units.
– Fix. Checker Assign. Error if bitmap was empty.
– Fix. Checker Remove. Internal unwrap maps list cleaning.

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