Monia G8F V8

Daz3D, Poser: Monia G8F-V8
Image: Monia G8F-V8

Title: Characters – Monia G8F-V8 (Download for Daz Studio or Poser)

Product Details:


Monia is an highly realistic lady created for Genesis 8 Female and V8. Included are several options of make-ups and the possibility to have her genital zone in two versions:
– MAT for the add-on "Anatomy-G8F Genitalia" (genital textures for the Genitalia piece of G8F-V8 you need to get at Daz)
– MAT for those who don't have the add-on "Anatomy-G8F Genitalia" (detailed genital textures painted on her skin without the need for extra add-ons)
Included option to add or remove the nipples.
She was created distinctly for Artists who like realism in their renders.

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