Graphic Design Advanced Principles

Graphic Design Advanced Principles

Udemy – Graphic Design Advanced Principles

Learn the ins and outs of a professional Graphic Designer work procedures

What you’ll learn
Producing high quality Graphic Design projects
Understanding the ins and outs of the Graphic Design professional procedures
Project management and best practices for design productions
Measurement systems and layout mastery
You need to be already familiar with the basic principles of Graphic Design
You know how to design a website, product mockup, print ad and/or 3D mockups
We will not be discussing what software to use, this is purely theoretical knowledge. It will be up to you to apply them on a Software of your choice.
There are many steps a Graphic Designer takes in order to become a professional in their career path

What we will be trying to teach you will help you along your graphic design career. If you are designing a website, print ad or a social media post, you will have to produce a balanced design that is both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

You need to be somewhat of an intermediate graphic designer otherwise you will not understand most of the terminology in this course!

Why do I need this course?

To improve both your skills and cognitive ability to differentiate between good and bad design, we will go through both theory and applications examples. We will analyze the best design work done by masters in Graphic Design, learn from it and use that into our own productions.

Is this course for me?

Ideally you’ll already have interacted or spent some time branding, developing and identity designing for a client before. This course will be the perfect match for you if you are a student or starting your career in Graphic Design.

The course is created with intermediates in mind. The course would have more impact if you’ve already created some designs that has been used in concrete and real situations for clients.

In case you don’t know how to use software such as Photoshop or Figma, you can always use a sketch book and a pencil to practice.

Who this course is for

Graphic Design professionals

Starting a career in Graphic Design

UI/UX designers


Curious People

Who this course is for
Intermediate graphic designer

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