Saul Espinosa Tutorials Bundle Redshift Houdini Nuke Speedtree

Saul Espinosa Tutorials Bundle (Redshift / Houdini / Nuke / Speedtree)

Patreon – Saul Espinosa Tutorials Bundle (Redshift / Houdini / Nuke / Speedtree)

I will be covering my pipeline and process. Whether its mostly CG environments & matte paintings or more projection based matte painting work. This will consist mostly using Redshift as my 3D render engine of choice along with how I use Maya, Houdini, Mari, Nuke and more to achieve my finished result. Thanks again for visiting and supporting and on my journey!

In order of material volume: Redshift (+ AOVs) / Houdini / Nuke / Speedtree / Megascans / Mari
(redshift amounting for the most coverage, and mari just appearing in one of the series)

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Latest updates of video tutorials up to (and including) December 2021

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