PhoenixFD 4 41 00 for 3DS Max 2018 2022 for V Ray5 Win x64

Versatile dynamics simulator that seamlessly integrates with Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray.

Chaos® Phoenix is capable of a wide range of effects including fire, smoke, liquids, flames, explosions, rigid body simulations, ocean waves, mist and splashes to list just a few. Quick presets and fast setup make it easy to get started, and its powerful simulation engine offers complete control over more complex effects.

NOTE: If you are using V-Ray, there are two version of PhoenicFD one for V-Ray 5 and one for V-Ray Next users.. However if you don’t have either it doesn’t matter, but if you have say V-Ray Next and install this which is for V-Ray 5 users, you will encounter problems.

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