Mastering Interior Design Styles

Mastering Interior Design Styles

Download video tutorial by – Mastering Interior Design Styles. Criteria and Characteristics Of Different Interior Design Styles Simplified.

What you’ll learn

Identify different interior design styles. (Traditional, Rustic, Victorian, Art Deco, Hollywood Glam, Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist…etc)
Acknowledge the ideal interior space layout for each style.
Choose the adequate materials and finishes for the floor, walls and ceiling.
Choose the furniture, textiles and patterns for each style.
Determine the perfect color scheme for each style.
Design appropriately with mixed interior design styles.
Identify and master your preferred interior design style.


The spaces we inhabit have a significant role in our psychological comportment, with most of our lives spent indoors. In reality, the interaction amongst people and the spaces they occupy is environmental psychology.

The perceptions of the person are addressed by lighting, colors, arrangement, volume, ratios, acoustics, and materials and they create a variety of emotions and habits. Spaces can have a lot of effect on how we behave or what we feel, inducing warmth and protection, identifying well-being, or creating a positive and productive working environment; thus, design and conceptual approaches should be evaluated according to the occupants’ social and psychological needs.

That been said, the interior planning process isn’t always an easy one. Each distinctive interior design project starts with a simple brief, followed by a range of key aspects, including, to list a few, customer considerations, principles of interior design and project objectives.

This course is straightforward offering you the basis of each design style. As simple as this may sound, the costumer’s considerations and the principles of design previously mentioned can be easily drafted from the content of each interior design style.

15 Major interior design style are elaborated each with its specific outline, in general the outline consists of:

1- Definition of the interior design style.

2- History and origin of the interior design style.

3- A background architectural relation with the interior design style.

4- The Characteristics in: The interior design layout

Furniture / textiles /patterns

Materials and accessories


Color scheme

5- Summary defining the main points of the specific interior design style.

In addition to the “Theory application” at the end of each lecture, where we apply the characteristics and criteria gained to remodel a plain room in each specific style.

When you register for this course you’ll have a lifetime access of 3 hours of pure details and interior style characteristics so you can achieve different style you want to execute.

–> Lets enjoy the world’s different interior design styles together and get as much knowledge as possible to master our profession :) <–

Who this course is for:

This course is created for all who wish to master any interior design style.
Individuals Interested in the interior design field, Decorators, beginners in interior architects or even interior designer practitioners who wish to strengthen their design proficiency.

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