Skillshare Character Illustration Drawing Female Portraits in Procreate

Faces are so fun to draw and they’re an awesome way to express your creativity. In this class we’ll be drawing female characters and exploring the different angles of the head.

We’ll talk about proportions, line quality, and how to draw each feature of the face, step by step. Then we’ll talk about how we can bring our characters to life through the use of different expressions, hairstyles, and accessories.

Next, I’ll share my personal process for drawing female characters in front view, three-quarter view, side view, and more. This class includes over 20 character demonstrations!

When you join the class, you’ll get access to tons of class worksheets and hundreds of reference photos that you can use in your drawings.

I’ll be drawing on an iPad Pro using the Procreate app and Apple Pencil. But feel free to use whatever drawing medium you prefer! Join in even if you don’t have an iPad Pro, since the techniques can be applied to any drawing medium.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in class!

What You’ll Learn:

Basic proportions for drawing beautiful female characters
How to vary your line quality
How to construct a head
How to draw eyes
How to draw noses
How to draw mouths
How to draw simple expressions
How to draw different types of hair
How to draw characters in front view, 3/4 view, and side view
How to draw the head when it’s tilting up and down
How to transfer a digital sketch to pencil and paper
How to save and share your work

Additional Resources You’ll Receive:

Class Worksheets to help solidify the lessons
Character Reference Database
1 on 1 feedback and critique where requested in the Projects & Resources section on Skillshare





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