3D Generalist

3D Generalist

Download video course by Motion Design School – 3D Generalist. Learn the entire 3D character animation pipeline from scratch! Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Cloth Simulation, Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering.

What is this course about?
Want to create 3D character animations from scratch, but not sure where to start? This course will guide you through the entire classical 3d pipeline from start to finish.

We will start by modeling a character using traditional modeling techniques and retopology. You will learn how to rig a character from a single joint to custom complex Xpresso systems. As you learn the animation of the basic walk cycle using a custom rig, you will develop the intuition to connect the knowledge of rigging and animation stages.

You will also be able to add more life to your animations using realistic cloth simulation. In the final step, you’ll assemble the entire scene, create the materials and lighting, and render it into the finished animated video.

MP4 1920×1080 | Total time: 9h 03m | ENG | Project Files Included | 5.5 GB

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