Realistic Pencil Drawing

Realistic Pencil Drawing

Download video course by Udemy – Create Realistic Drawings with Pencil.

What you’ll learn:
The basic materials, tools, and surfaces for creating realistic drawings with pencil.
Why the element of art, value is so important to your success and how to use it in your drawings.
How to create the illusion of a variety of textures with pencil
Blending and shading techniques for pencil drawing.
How to use a variety of forms of graphite including traditional pencils, specialty pencils, powdered graphite, and lead holders.
How to ensure accuracy in your drawings by using the grid technique.
How to ensure accuracy through sighting and measuring.
The importance of observation and how to see the abstract shapes that make up a subject.
How to use the eraser as a mark-making tool.
How to draw challenging subjects such as flowing water, reflections, and transparency.
How to apply the concepts learned to any subject that you wish.

A willingness to learn and apply what you learn to drawing.

In this drawing course, we explore the foundations and techniques for creating wonderful realistic drawings with pencil. Each module is presented in logically sequenced video series. Each lesson builds on the last, easing you gently into more complex concepts.

Learn how to use various grades of graphite, blending stumps, and erasers to create realistic drawings while using accuracy techniques such as the grid technique, sighting, and mapping. Apply the techniques used by professional artists to your own pencil drawings. Different forms of graphite pencil are used and demonstrated including traditional wooden pencils, powdered graphite and lead holders. Apply the techniques learned in this course to any drawing you wish to create. Once the foundations of realistic drawing are in place, no subject is too difficult.

Designed for artists of all skill levels, no prior knowledge or experience is required. We begin with simple observational concepts before gradually progressing to more complex subjects and drawing concepts.

Step by step illustrated ebooks that correspond with the videos are included as well as photo references. Review the ebooks as you work through each lesson or use them as reference for future works. Work at your own pace and start creating realistic, accurate drawings with graphite pencil.

Who this course is for
This course is designed for artists at all levels wishing to enhance observational drawing skills, learn systems for drawing accuracy and professional application techniques with graphite pencil.

MP4 1280×720 | Total time: 5h 08m | ENG | SRT | Project Files Included | 6.5 GB

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