Udemy 3ds Max and V Ray Advance Your Rendering Skills

Advance your rendering skills with this 6 in 1 course pack

What you’ll learn

  • Get up and running with the V-Ray 5 rendering engine inside 3ds Max
  • Lighting Analysis tool
  • Viewport IPR
  • Critical V-Ray concepts
  • V-Ray Materials
  • How to create in-camera effects
  • Depth of field and motion blur
  • How to easily add lifelike effects to your 3D models using FX tools such as VRayFur
  • Streamlining material editor workflow
  • Managing assets
  • Referencing materials with XRefs
  • Rendering the Physical Material
  • Controlling highlights with Roughness
  • Directing reflections and refractions
  • Simulating translucency and scattering
  • Building a shading network
  • Combining and color correcting maps
  • Baking maps with Render to Texture
  • Procedural mapping
  • Using relief maps: bump, normal, and displacement
  • Physical lighting and gamma correction
  • High dynamic range and exposure control
  • Global illumination
  • Exterior daylight
  • Image-based lighting
  • Advanced environment options
  • Geometric backdrops and material emission
  • Interior daylight
  • Importing photometric data
  • Studio lighting
  • Spot light image projection
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Why you should use substances for texturing
  • Adjusting your Substance workflow mode and settings
  • Creating materials from photos with Bitmap2Material
  • Working with texture maps from Substance Designer and Painter
  • Exporting maps as EXR and PSD files
  • Using the exported maps in V-Ray
  • Using exposure compensation
  • Using photometric lighting
  • Adding sunlight
  • Adjusting auxiliary lights
  • Balancing lights
  • Daytime rendering
  • Compositing in Photoshop
  • Nighttime lighting
  • Night rendering and compositing
  • Adding reflections and final touches
  • Setting up environmental lighting
  • Adding sunlight to a scene
  • Creating lighting and reflection elements
  • Compositing daytime scenes in Photoshop
  • Lighting for night
  • Rendering nighttime elements
  • Compositing nighttime scenes in Photoshop




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