Blender Market Pbr Texture Bakery For Eevee Cycles

Blender Market – Pbr Texture Bakery (For Eevee & Cycles)

The PBR Texture Bakery is an addon for Blender that allows you to bake complex Eevee/Cycles-materials to PBR-textures. The approach is similar to what Substance Painter does: You are able to use a powerful material-node system to create complex materials and finally bake them down to textures. The baked textures will (almost) produce the same results like your complex Blender-materials do if you use them in a PBR metallic-workflow (e.g. in game-engines) because the bakery is based on the Principled BSDF (PBR shader). It also comes around with some useful tools like texture channel packing (e.g. UE4, Unity, Sketchfab …), texture-transfer from one UVMap to another, a powerfull all-in-one shader node etc. This closes the gab in Blender when it comes to PBR-texture baking.






  1. 681656 290754I undoubtedly did not realize that. Learnt something new today! Thanks for that. 275047
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