Secrets of Coloring Learn from the Colorist of Spiderman and Spawn

Secrets of Coloring: Learn from the Colorist of Spiderman and Spawn!

Skillshare – David Kemp – Secrets of Coloring: Learn from the Colorist of Spiderman and Spawn!

Have you ever wondered how you can take your artwork to the “Next Level?”
Many artist have a good sense of illustration and design, but they’re missing what it takes to create Professional Finished Artwork…. Coloring is usually that overlooked element.
In fact, the vast majority of Illustrators currently working in the Comic Book industry benefit from working with a Colorist… one who is capable of transforming their Black and White illustrations into Professional artwork.
In this Course, I’ll be teaching you, from start to finish, how to Professionally Color.

course requirements:

The only requirement for this course is that you have access to a Graphics program such as Photoshop. As this is a course on Illustration, the principles apply to any program but I’m using Photoshop and refer specifically to certain key commands etc.

If you’re using Photoshop, any version will do. I regularly use an older version (CS2), which is what I use in this course.
So what about drawing tools? For this course, I decided to use a mouse to make these skills accessible to everybody… but if you have a Wacom pad or similar, great!






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