Boxshot AI Toolbox 2 0 2 Win x64

Boxshot AI Toolbox 2.0.2 Win x64

Boxshot AI Toolbox 2.0.2 Win x64

Ai Toolbox is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator that adds some missing bits and features to it including conical labels, bulk renaming, selecting by name and more.

The plugin supports all the Adobe Illustrator versions for the past few years and works on both Windows and Mac platforms, including Apple Silicon.

Bulk Renaming
Ai Toolbox lets you bulk rename artboards, paths, brushes, colors and more. You can replace one text with another, add counters and so on. Group renaming is a big miss of Illustrator and Ai Toolbox fixes that.

Selecting by Name
With Ai Toolbox you can easily select multiple paths by name. Need all the “Logo” elements? All the “Cuts”? Not a problem: just pop up Ai Toolbox, type the filter query and check the items you need to select.

Selecting by Font
Ai Toolbox adds font options to Illustrator’s Select → Same menu. Now you can select elements with the same font family, size and style with just a few clicks.






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